Behind A Great Man There Is A Great Woman


Behind a great man there is a great woman. Whether there is any woman at all, that is a different matter, but when there is one however, she is usually great. How can she be great? In a variety of ways, but most importantly, by behaving in way that will enable her man to be the best version of himself. This creates a positive balance of roles and therefore a healthier relationship.

So, ladies,

• Look up to your man, respect him, and make him feel important in your life.
• When he achieves something, despite how small it is, praise him.
• When he buys you an ice cream because he went to the shop to buy one for himself, thank him.
• When he washes something that is dirty in the house, kiss him.
• When he’s hungry, feed him.
• When he wants to be left alone, leave him alone.
• When he’s tired, let him rest.
• When he’s horny, let him fuck.



• When you talk, he listens.
• When you cry, he holds you.
• When you achieve, he celebrates.
• When you’re horny, he fucks you.
• When you cook, he is grateful.
• When you can’t open that jar of jam, he can.


A great woman strengthens a man’s strengths and eases off his weaknesses. A great woman enables a a man to be the best he can be; she facilitates greatness.