5 Great Things About Being In Your 30’s


This year I will be officially in my mid-thirties. Your 30’s is a sort of limbo age. You think you’re still in pretty good shape, but when your hangovers last 24 hours, you realize you’re not getting any younger. You think by now your life would have been in order, but sometimes things don’t happen as planned. You learn this and slowly—very slowly—you eventually start to accept it and work on it. There are good things about getting older though, so according to my experience, here are 5 great things about being in your 30’s.

1 – Confidence
Awkwardness, shyness, anxiety; all those things that torment teenagers and that we fight against to in our 20’s, get easier. You are more confident on who you are, how you present yourself to the world and you are more comfortable with your values, ideas, opinions, and everything else about you. Boldness is your new friend, so is the capacity to say no without hesitation.

2 – No Bullshit
You become good at a) detecting bullshit and b) not taking any bullshit. Your radar detects bullshit a million miles away, you become an astute ninja ready to cut the crap immediately. You just take much less shit from people, and that’s alright.

3 – You no longer give a fuck
This is a great one. And I assume your shit-giving-meter will only go down as the years go by. You will always care about what other people think about you, it’s a fact, but you become less affected by it.

4 – Refined taste
You acquire a more refined taste for good things in life. The cheap hostel where you shared a bedroom with 5 strangers is a thing of the past. Camping in the rock festival grounds? No thanks, I’d rather have a nice clean bed and a hot shower. Getting drunk on cheap liquor? I’d rather sip on a good wine. And the list goes on.

5 – Attractiveness
There is hope for you younger men out there! Not only you get all of the above, in your 30’s you also look and act like a man. Physically still in pretty good shape and more sexually experienced, with a bit more money hopefully, and a bit more order and discipline in your life; all this will raise your status in the sexual market place. The older you get, the wider your dating pool gets. You can pull women 10-15 years younger than you, something you would not be able to do in your 20’s. Enjoy!

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