What It Means To Be A Man


The definition of masculinity has changed throughout the times. An example of this would be from the caveman days where a man’s role was clearly defined, or in the 1950’s where the man had the role of the provider and women would take care of the house and children.

In the 21st century, however, things are not as clear. Men are confused about what they are supposed to be, how they are supposed to act, and their role in society.

Below is a list of traits which I think can help developing a blueprint of what true masculinity is.

1. A man has a mission. A man has a higher purpose in his life.
2. A man does not make his woman the sole purpose of his life.
3. A man has interests and hobbies, and he dedicates time to them.
4. A man makes decisions and takes responsibility for his actions.
5. A man is not afraid to say yes or no, despite the consequences.
6. A man risks a decision to the best of his knowledge and accepts that he might be wrong.
7. A man accepts that he will make mistakes and learns from those mistakes.
8. A man does not engage in petty discussions.
9. A man is physically and mentally fit.
10. A man loves. He loves his woman, his children, his family and his friends.
11. A man is firm and stands for what he believes in.
12. A man has strong boundaries.
13. A man exposes himself to failure and rejection yet he is outcome independent.
14. A man acts, he does not re-act.
15. A man has fears; he acknowledges them but does not let them take control of his life.
16. A man appreciates both time spent with other people and time spent alone.
17. A man is not ashamed of his sexuality and his sexual drive.
18. A man is not dependent on anyone or anything.
19. A man works on self-improvement by developing healthy habits and exploring new possibilities for physical and intellectual growth.
20. A man is creative.
21. A man earns a living and is financially independent.
22. A man can relate to people, is kind, compassionate and assertive.
23. A man has a clearly defined set of values.
24. A man does not use violence unless there is no other option.
25. A man takes care of his physical and mental health.
26. A man has a strong willpower, is disciplined, and understands the benefits of hard work.
27. A man has a strong positive body language: he looks people in the eyes and has a firm handshake.
28. A man has strong social skills


  1. This works perfectly as a check list for items to work on. I was also proud to discover that I’d already mastered some of the items. I’m not quite the limp dick women claimed.

  2. One more benefit I forgot to mention; Isn’t it a pleasure to see a list of true masculine virtues shared by a qualified man? A rescue from the non-qualified, self-centered feminist edict for “real men.”

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