Behind A Great Man There Is A Great Woman


Behind a great man there is a great woman. Whether there is any woman at all, that is a different matter, but when there is one however, she is usually great. How can she be great? In a variety of ways, but most importantly, by behaving in way that will enable her man to be the best version of himself. This creates a positive balance of roles and therefore a healthier relationship.

So, ladies,

• Look up to your man, respect him, and make him feel important in your life.
• When he achieves something, despite how small it is, praise him.
• When he buys you an ice cream because he went to the shop to buy one for himself, thank him.
• When he washes something that is dirty in the house, kiss him.
• When he’s hungry, feed him.
• When he wants to be left alone, leave him alone.
• When he’s tired, let him rest.
• When he’s horny, let him fuck.



• When you talk, he listens.
• When you cry, he holds you.
• When you achieve, he celebrates.
• When you’re horny, he fucks you.
• When you cook, he is grateful.
• When you can’t open that jar of jam, he can.


A great woman strengthens a man’s strengths and eases off his weaknesses. A great woman enables a a man to be the best he can be; she facilitates greatness.


  1. In some cases it’s true, in others it’s not. We have to be very careful not to push the female ego. There is too much female narcissism in the world to make them believe that they contribute something to male success.

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