Guide To Surviving A Break-Up



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The ultimate guide for men going through a break-up, separation and divorce.


Brave New Man’s Guide To Surviving A Break-up is specifically aimed at men who have terminated their relationships with their partners, and need guidance on understanding why they feel the way they do and check how to successfully triumph over this traumatic life event.


This guide describes a simple, yet effective methodology of recovery. It mostly contains my views, which will help you to overcome the pain by becoming a better man, but it also compiles concepts and facts unknown to some men.


The book comprises of a phased approach to recovery and it is divided into six phases. These include content on the following:


• Why you should stop contacting your ex and how to do it
• Why you feel the way you do and how to deal with it
• Step-by-step guide on how to get over your pain
• Personal development plan
• Practical exercises
• Information on genre differences and relationships dynamics
• What means to be a man in today’s society and how to become a better one
• How to start interacting with women again
• Relationship options and how to choose a good partner
• Why you should not go back to your ex


This is a short guide, but I truly hope that the information contained in it will help every man who reads it.


The e-book is available now on Amazon , Kobo and Nook / Barnes & Noble

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