4 Ways To Predict That She Will Dump You



Subtle things can make or break a relationship. Here are some (often overlooked) points to consider.


She looks better than you

‘She’s way out of his league’ aka ‘how the fuck did that guy managed to pull that girl?’ 

If she is prettier, fitter, dresses better than you and generally ranks higher in terms of physical appearance, sooner or later, the inevitable will happen. Women will always look for a man with higher value than themselves. They want to look up to a man, not down. Don’t get me wrong, there are different ways for a man to demonstrate high value by other means other that just physical appearance but, everything being equal, they will ALWAYS go with the man who is more attractive. Also, if she is taller than you, that is also a big no-no. Unless of course you are Rod Stewart or Tom Cruise. In which case, I apologise and thank you for reading my blog.

Solution: invest in yourself – exercise, eat well, dress well, take care of your appearance. Always.


She earns more money than you

If she makes more money than you, then she will feel like the head of the household – this will emasculate you. Although in this day and age women don’t need to depend on men financially, there is always a matter of respect and again, value. The difference can be small, but the higher, the better. Your woman needs to perceive you as being useful, intelligent and resourceful; at least, more than she is. I say perceive because that is the key; she has to believe that you are somehow better or have the potential to become better.

Solution: get a woman who earns less than you. If she doesn’t, at least make sure that you are not working part-time delivering pizzas and she is a corporate lawyer. Sooner or later she will start having “long days” at work and she won’t be eating your pepperoni either.


She is busier and does more stuff than you

If she has a busier social life and does more stuff with her free time than you do, then you are automatically lower value in her eyes. It shows that you do not have any other forms of emotional support, entertainment or social skills. If she has hobbies and you don’t have any, she will feel like she is somehow superior to you. She goes to the gym after work and you head straight home to watch some TV and have a drink? Guess who’s going to lose interest first?

Solution: find some friends, join a club, a team, a band, anything. Start doing something with your free time, find a hobby, be creative, do something!


She is less emotional than you

If you cry like a puppy every time something is upsetting you and she is the one holding your hand and comforting you, then sooner or later she will lose all her respect for you. It is fine to cry and “show emotions” when there is a legitimate reason for it, but do it on a regular basis, over insignificant things and she will not see you as a man any more.

Solution: learn to control  your emotions – it is possible.


  1. Man, all of those situations in one way or another, have been a part of my life.

    Great share.

    It reminded me of a post of mine (https://dcllive.wordpress.com/2014/05/11/know-your-role/). It has three situations for you to notice when you think things are starting to get sour.

    1. Interest in hobbies and lifestyle has diminished significantly
    2. Taking the lead almost never occurs
    3. Never actively flirting with or pursuing other women

    Perhaps we have to learn the hard way or we’ll never learn at all.

    • Thanks dcllive! Just read your post. I’d say all points are valid. These seem to be applicable more to LTRs and are all very common indeed. In my view, point 3 isn’t a deal breaker though. I get your point of falling into a comfort zone and stop flirting with other women. You can (and should) have options, but you don’t necessarily need to pursue other women whilst in a LTR. I think it’s more a matter of being confident that you can have other women if/when needed. If you don’t believe you can, then you’ve got a problem.

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