What’s Your Rock’n’Roll?


It’s gonna save your head, it’s gonna save your soul. That good old-fashioned, good time remedy they call rock’n’roll” – Rose Tattoo

When I’m sad I listen to music. When I’m happy I listen to music. When I’m somewhere in between I listen to music – this will usually makes me feel better, or worse, but most importantly, it makes feel.

I have played in bands since I can remember. I have invested money, time and (lots of) energy in this endeavour and I do not regret it one bit. Writing music is a highly fulfilling experience for me. The creative process of making new music is a joyful one. But, if writing music is the climax, to perform live is the orgasm, and a big one. When I am on stage I feel alive, like I am in my element, I just belong. My blood still shakes to the sound of rock’n’roll today as it did when I first listened to it. It’s a feeling that stays with you for life, and I absolutely love it.

At a rock concert the other day I took a good look around. What I could see was a group of people there gathered for the same purpose – to enjoy the thrill of a rock live performance, to celebrate music.

I could see the struggling musician, who has been playing in bands his whole life, who has put himself in debt to fund music gear, self-released recordings, studio time, tours, etc, but yet, his eyes still manage to shine when presented with the spectacle of a live performance.

I could see the middle-aged rocker, who “used to have long hair back in the day”, whose flame never died and is still looking for a rock’n’roll fix.

I could see moms and dads with their teenage kids, all proudly rocking out.

I could see the guy in a suit, whose corporate job may have stolen his will to live but not the thrill of enjoying the sound of a loud guitar.

I could see the young boys and girls, who have discovered old bands and want to experience it how it used to be, who jump and start mosh pits, who have the angst that only teenagers have – the very same essence that gave birth to rock’n’roll.

I could see the geek-looking guy with the band t-shirt, the guy who buys all the albums, who knows all the lyrics, who spends hours upon hours listening and researching for new music, the guy behind the scenes who buys the merchandise and idolizes the musicians – the fan.

I could also see the posers, wearing the full kit, in the right group with the right people, because this is the right gig to be at.

I could see all these and a lot more. But, above all, I could see how music makes these people, people like you and me, feel.

How about you, what is your rock’n’roll?

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